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John Colver, was a top professional that helped me after an extremely mercifulness, one sided divorce. I was under such duress and Mr. Colver helped me so I did not have to go to the lowest levels as a means of buffering my opposition cruel and unstable manner. Even through manufactured deceit, my ex, whom I indulged during our marriage andI made the mistake when I started a small business and included him as a business partner. Mr. Colver managed through the circus act and did well at preserving some of my successes. Mr. Colver stance and support was with care, intellectual knowledge and integrity. He never allowed the corruption or ambushing. To interfere and staiyed focused. I, nor my highly sucessful friends will ever understand why the injustice of tactics made up on fabricated lies were allowed for the greed of gain. Mr.. Colver was a rare find in the Alaska oil industry where corruption thrives. He was highly professional and the best attorney whom I honor.


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