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We have learned through tradition to work hard for the things in life we want, protect them, and take care of them so they can continue to be valuable for our children and their children. But eventually, many people do not bother putting down or updating their wishes in a written document.

People will eventually have to act on something they have been promising themselves for at least 20 years. And that is to create a will and secure their assets with trusts so they will be handed to the proper beneficiaries, typically children or grandchildren.

Your possessions are those you own at the time of your death, not those you own when you write your Will, such as real estate, bank accounts, and personal items. Even if you don’t have much money to leave behind right now, your financial situation could drastically change in the future, especially if you anticipate paying off your mortgage or receiving an inheritance.

Making a will enables you to preserve your loved ones’ finances when you pass away and outlines your preferences. If you and your partner have similar estate planning goals, you can create mirror wills, which are independent wills that exactly mirror one another and specify how each party wants to distribute their assets.

We understand that there are many DIY Wills guides on the internet, but it is recommended that you use the services of a professional. Many DIY guides do not include important details that a professional will note and correct. We have a team that will guide you through writing and updating your wills. Contact us today.

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